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here's the completed build! I present... the Game Boy Pocket SP. it's a Game Boy Pocket motherboard in a custom shell I designed to resemble the GBA SP. to fit the motherboard into the shell, I cut it in half, and then designed a custom flex PCB to connect the two halves through the hinge. i'm using an aftermarket LCD from Cloud Game Store and Gil Tesa's USB-C charging mod for the internal battery. that neat Link's Awakening label is from

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While cleaning up the boat, I found two small black notebooks. We started paging through them, to see if we should keep them. The notebooks were full of sketches, interspersed with shopping lists, and incomplete logs from earlier sailing trips we'd done.

We found logs detailing our very first attempt at sailing offshore, our sail down the US West Coast and Mexico, and our passage from Tonga to New Zealand.

Rekka transcribed the logs today.

Anyone have any leads for music rehearsal spaces in Philadelphia? The place my band used to practice no longer exists. Bonus points for adjacency to South Philly, but I can go just about anywhere.

I get the "Tetris effect"[1] so easily, and have for my entire life; I think I've played about four hours of Mario Kart over the course of the past two days, and I'm seeing blue shell indicators and course patterns where I should prepare to drift overlaid everything I see, but even more strongly when I close my eyes


@hq1 Unfortunately, prohibitive right now, IMO:

I've learned a surprising amount from doing little projects with this thing, but the software just isn't there to take full advantage of the hardware yet (again, IMO)

@hq1 This is a Flipper Zero emulating an NFC tag β€” specifically, one that looks like an Amiibo :-)

I am always so pleased to get a positive response to the β€œI actually would much prefer to talk over email instead of on the phone” question

Recently back on IRC channels; I had thought that the community had really fallen off, but it turns out I hadn't found the right servers!

@lkhrs Nice! I can imagine they'd put on a great show. I haven't ever caught them live; maybe one day…

Every Spoon record is just so unbelievably good

Negativity, cars, Philadelphia 

Any traffic engineer who ever worked on Lincoln Drive in Philadelphia should have a sentient, automated drone follow them around that will prevent them from ever being involved in public works ever again

Wednesday are an extremely good band; every month they release a kind of video blog. It’s so delightful, and I look forward to it every time.

@bnys Dang, I love that keyboard β€” if you don't mind, could you tell me what model it is?

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