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New mission: listen to every single Super Eurobeat compilation

Do you ever read a book that you really, really don't like, and you know that you really, really don't like it from really early on in the book, but you still feel like you have to finish it anyway? I should maybe just let myself put books down more easily.

Excellent train luck today; because I had to do a little jog to get on my preferred car in time, it has to go on the board.

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We're not entirely sure what this is, but it's pretty

I've put together some thoughts I've been kicking around for a while: the unwritten rules of playlist creation

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People pay money to play a game so incredibly computationally intensive that its developers just announced official Microsoft Excel API integrations

Remember that next time someone throws out the opinion that work wouldn't get done if people weren't forced to do it to survive

A little bit of time with OpenStreetMap and OpenLayers later, and I think I have solid foundation that I just need to tidy up and publish

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I really didn’t think I was going to make this one, but the train doors opened again because a bicycle got stuck in them. Really good luck catching the train lately!

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Listening to Eurobeat while waiting for the train


Fastmail's putting together an event for people to come by and talk about work you can enjoy doing β€” if you're in the Philly area, I hope you'll consider stopping by!

I bought so now I guess I have to build a map that you can add your Mastodon profile to

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@darius You probably know this, but you can set commit.verbose true in your config and never have to remember -v again! This is also really useful because you get it mid-interactive-rebase, when it’s a little harder to pass -v manually.

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I am halfway through writing my first Mastodon bot, which will be a feed of every track I scrobble to as I scrobble them. I can imagine that this would be extremely annoying to follow and hope nobody will ever do so.

I have pressed over 60 million keyboard keys over the course of 17 years and 16 weeks using WhatPulse

Can we keep the cars off Broad Street every week?

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