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It is so satisfying to click "flag" on the orange site and for the page to reload and to see "[flagged] [dead]" next to the title

Hey neat, look what I just found on my Unsplash stats page!

uspol: hyper-local South Philadelphia electoral politics 

Extremely glad that progressive incumbent Elizabeth Fiedler won her primary against *checks notes* a Republican-supporting realtor that the Democrats decided to endorse for some reason???

I enjoyed the streak while it lasted, but alas, there was no way I was going to catch this one.

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Back at the old haunt for the weekend

(cw ec, anthropomorphized animals as sports mascots, silly depiction of anger, universities in the United States)

New mission: listen to every single Super Eurobeat compilation

Do you ever read a book that you really, really don't like, and you know that you really, really don't like it from really early on in the book, but you still feel like you have to finish it anyway? I should maybe just let myself put books down more easily.

Excellent train luck today; because I had to do a little jog to get on my preferred car in time, it has to go on the board.

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We're not entirely sure what this is, but it's pretty

I've put together some thoughts I've been kicking around for a while: the unwritten rules of playlist creation

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People pay money to play a game so incredibly computationally intensive that its developers just announced official Microsoft Excel API integrations

Remember that next time someone throws out the opinion that work wouldn't get done if people weren't forced to do it to survive

A little bit of time with OpenStreetMap and OpenLayers later, and I think I have solid foundation that I just need to tidy up and publish

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I really didn’t think I was going to make this one, but the train doors opened again because a bicycle got stuck in them. Really good luck catching the train lately!

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